Our Service - Fit out

Our objective at Marlin is to manage the project from beginning to end whilst ensuring our clients are comfortable that they are getting value for money. We want to make sure they understand the procurement options that are available to them so that they are not trying to compare different designs from a cost perspective. The three different methods that we typically work under are Traditional Tendering, Management Contracting and Design and Build.

We want to make sure our clients understand the key issues relating to their programme and what needs to be finalised at what point. Lead times on certain items can be critical to the success of a project.

In evaluating a possible building, it is important to make sure that the new space can support the services our clients require. For example, “does the building have the correct level of mechanical and electrical services, is the floor loading adequate and will clients get landlord approvals for the works they wish to undertake?”

We will focus on the key element most relevant to our clients particular project but in general terms, these will involve:

  • General consultancy on Relocation or Refurbishment Projects.
  • Development and constant review of Project and Trade Cycle Programming.
  • General consultancy on Landlord and Local Authority Approvals.
  • Development of Technical Building Evaluation such as Mechanical & Electrical Validation.
  • General consultancy on Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations.
  • Development and constant review of Building Works and Furniture Estimating.
  • Dilapidation works for landlords.
  • General consultancy on Leasing Options and Capital Allowances.
  • Contract Administration, Project Management, Handover and Installation.