Our Service - Design

At Marlin, we have a talented selection of different designers who are able to make sure that the correct level of design is applied to a wide range of different requirements.

In the initial stages, we will need to understand your brief of requirements. Simple projects will only require a minor amounts of design, whereas more complex solutions will probably  require a number of different technical drawings.

In some situations, we may feel it necessary to complete a work place analysis prior to the commencement of layout drawing. In doing this, we will look at the different staff within your organisation, the different environments they work in and the methods of communication they use. This sort of study will enable us to understand how you are currently working and how you should be working in the future. Office space is an expensive overhead for any business so we are very conscious of making sure organisations utilise their space in the most cost effective manor.

We will focus on the key elements most relevant to your particular project but in general terms, these will involve:

  • Taking and confirming the Brief of Requirements.
  • Attaining the existing Base Build Drawings and then checking them against the building.
  • Producing Space Planning, Concept Designs, Visuals, Mood Boards and Finishes
  • Producing Furniture Solutions
  • Producing Working Drawings
  • Producing Landlord Approvals Drawings Package
  • Producing Local Authority Approvals Drawing Package
  • Producing Operation and Maintenance Drawing Package