Our Service - Lease Finance

“I purchase appreciating assets and rent depreciating assets”
John Paul Getty

Finance offers an attractive alternative to paying cash. Flexible, cost effective and fully tailored to your requirements, simply put asset finance allows you to spread the cost of your investment more fully over it’s useful life.

Furthermore, from a purely fiscal perspective, the assumption that finance is more expensive than cash is, in the majority of cases, a myth and our illustrations can demonstrate the true cost of both cash and finance against each other.

Marlin are delighted to introduce our fully independent finance partner, Bluestone Leasing. As specialists in the Interiors industry and already supporting in excess of 3,500 customers like you, Bluestone Leasing have over 12 years experience in providing the right finance solution. With over twenty different banks and finance companies that they represent, they scour the market to secure you the right product at the best rates available.

To understand more fully the benefits of finance to you and for more background on Bluestone Leasing, please e mail Andrew.ford@marlin-interiors.co.uk or visit their website by clicking on the link below.

The link is: http://www.bluestoneleasing.com/customer_home.html